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Chinen Yuri Pictures

Posted on: July 28, 2009

I hope everyone is ready to see some hawt/kawaii pictures of Chinen Yuri!! XD I’ve always been a fan of Chinen Yuri from the start demo….If I continue to look at pictures of him he might overule Ryutaro’s place and become #1 O_O

OMG HAWT XD Seriously Chii is going from kawaii to kakkoii to sexy XD

Is it me or does it look like a photo of father and son? XD

I wouldn’t mind those two as my pets XD

lol at Yabu’s face XD

Inoo’s like noo I have to hug both of you XD

Okay we get the point…Chinen Yuri is the cutest member in JUMP ever!! XD He probably is the cutest person alive XD


5 Responses to "Chinen Yuri Pictures"

Gahh.. I hope Chi doesn’t surpass your Ryu and become No.1 xD

Cos it’s not good for me AND you xD

Gahh.. I’m going to find some Ryu pics xD

Baha! So true!
Chinen in the NYC PV, omg, hes so adorable T.T
In the Jumping tour chinen is hawwttt, especially when him and yuto are about to kiss~~
thanks for the pics!
Chiii is the most kawaii member of JUMP, Mochiron!

Hahaha he was cute in the making as well XD
Also Chinen and Takaki were about to kiss during their little skit with Yan and Kumi XD
I might add more pictures of him later XD

The making was so cute! when he was rubbing his face against the camera in the cd jacket shooting đŸ˜€
haha “Minna Mitteru ?”
Hes adorable XD
HOMG, that gokusen skit was hilarious XD Daiki was fully into it :]
But Yamada is still my fav!
haha so you like Ryuu chan ? :]

lol yep. I loved Ryu from the start XD

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