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Takaki Yuya’s Girl

Posted on: August 5, 2009

My Ideal Girl:

-If possible, semi-long black hair about chest length is good.
-Pretty eyes that make your heart skip a beat when you look into them
-Wears natural make-up I like natural looking girls
-I don’t like my girl to show off a lot of skin, so denim is a good style.
-For this time of the year, boots are definitely cute.

Girlfriend Requirements:

-Can cook
-Acts spoiled and lets me act spoiled
-Makes time for us to meet
-Calls me every night before going to bed
-Fun to be with
-Very possessive
-Doesn’t contact male friends often.
-Shows me her true self

The #1 Requirement is to not Hide our True Selves from Eachother:

I’m a very jealous person, so if my girlfriend was very possesive of me that would make me happy. In addition, its essential that she be herself in front of me. If the both of us don’t know what the other is truly like, then there is no point in being together. Then afterwards, when we find the truth about each other, it’d be a shock. Instead, as long as the requirement is fufilled, we can go out little by little clear ourselves with eachother’s families. Doing that, we’d sure be judged kindly!

I Would do These Special Favors for my Girlfriend:

1.Never be unfaithful
2.Go see her whenever
3.Take her places she wants to go
4.Support her during difficult times
5.Write a song just for her


I got a chihuahua. Her name is Choco. My elder sister chose the name. At the pet shop, we kept calling it “Chi” so it seems that the name came from that. She’s so cute.


7 Responses to "Takaki Yuya’s Girl"

At the “My Ideal Girl” Part O_O

Except from big pretty eyes.. Everything is just like me O_O

Natural.. Natural Make up o.O Natural also means no make up ne?

Semi-length black hair about to chest O_O
& Except from ‘Can Cook’ I’m almost alike to everything he describes.. O_O


i think i am your ideal girl but i am in Philippines but i will do my best to see you♥

i love you i can cook i am funny i have a long black hair my eyes was cute (other said) aishite imasu i can let you act spoiled♥

i got 9 out out of 10

I got 8 XD


is this real !!??!?! i thought johnnys weren’t allowed to talk bout this kind of thing

THIS IS REAL ?!?!?!?!? :A

jaw drop.

no seriously is it real, ‘cos like i can pull it off.
*deletes male friend’s numbers off phone*


lol. I believe its real XD

I believe JE guys can talk about what they want in a girl, but can’t actually……….get one XD

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