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Neko Berryz’s 4th Single

Neko Berryz Members:

I think everyone did a good job in this single! ^_^ I have to say its our best one out so far! XD I’m really glad about everyone’s progress and I hope that everyone continues to do their  best. GAMBATTE MINNA!!!!!!!!!! XD


These are the random things I’ve been thing about lately XD

Change of Heart: What should happen during the tournament? Should Takaki get hurt or not………..

Neko Projects: Mou……..I can’t sing Naichau Kamo X_X Demo ne…I’ll do my best! ^_^

Rising Stars: How the heck am I supposed to start my new story? O.o

Chinen Yuri: Chi is extremely cute XD

Daiki Arioka: I love his hair O.o He looked hot at the end of the Hey! Say! 7 Jeans Modeling XD

Drama: I wanna watch some drama………Any recommendations? XD

Detective Story: How would A-Class take down the Yukan Club? O.o

Cecii and my duet of Hey! Say! finally came out.  I forgot to say say and I didn’t feel rerecording. I gotta say our rap was awesome XD My wows were like omg happy XD For some reason Cecii’s mic was low when I uploaded it onto youtube. O.o Its either I just randomly started to sing extremely loud or WMM is gay XD

The duet me and Katie have been planning since the beginning of June has finally came XD We were supposed to make a music video while singing this song, but we didn’t have time. Every time we hung out we would joke around and do retard stuff XD.

In person, usually Katie goes higher than me, but when we recorded separately she went low and I went high. It was pretty cool how we sounded like one person during the chorus.

At 1:552:07 I almost died singing that line.  Katie had trouble singing it so I volunteered to sing it. I went from low to high since I was running out of breathe XD Anyway it was really fun to sing with one of my best friends ^_^

List of Random Things to do Today XD:

1.Record Hey! Say! for my duet with Cecii

2.Read Evernight

3.Learn Do it! Now for my group dub with Cecii and Momo

4.Learn Forever Love to cover lines for Neko Kawaii

5.Do my karoke challenge which I will probably fail at XD

6.Do my 8-9min dance challenge that Rima-chan sent me O.o I have this like…feeling people wanna kill me by making me dancing XD

7.Clean my room XD

8.Update my stories

9.Watch anime

…I think that’s basically the important things XD

I finished translating Mayonaka no Doa to english. Hopefully its easy to understand me XD Usually its hard to understand me when I’m singing in english for some reason.

I will give you the full english lyrics demo….Please ask first! ^_^

I open the door softly

and put on my shoes in the evening breeze
My heart pounds a little
Like adults, together with him don’t let this moment end

Let’s go!

blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry…
merry-merry-go-round, funky funny playground
merry-merry-go-round, funky funny playground

A secret that the moonlight shines on right now
The world I don’t know much.
Is there something waiting ahead of us?

So please tell me

Shining Star Adorn me beautifully
So that he likes me more than ever Oh please

Even after midnight, I want to stay as Cinderella
Oh Please Oh Please Oh Cast a spell on me

Do not wonder where this road is taking us.

As long as we’re together I’m happy.

Let’s go!
lollipop, candy shop, mint drop, chocolate chip …
lollipop, candy shop, mint drop, chocolate chip …
lovely lonely baby girl, shiny skinny boogie boy
lovely lonely baby girl, shiny skinny boogie boy

I open the door I can’t hear the whispers of a new beginning for you and me

Where is the spell on back of that chest?

Midnight Sky I’ll let you into my heart

I just hope this spell won’t go away any time soon.

Tonight I’ll give you a shining sky just for you and me
Oh Please Oh Please Well That’s what I want to say

Shining Star Adorn me beautifully
So that he likes me more than ever Oh please
Even after midnight, I want to stay as Cinderella
Oh Please Oh Please Oh Cast a spell on me

Even the streets I always take is strange what’s not right?

Oh please Oh Please Oh Cast a spell on me

I sung Morning Musume’s Kanashimi Twilight. It was a live concert during…the spring I think XD.  I tried my best to make it real I even did my own ois XD I think I’m getting better at this XD I mean I just made my fandub comeback when I joined Neko Project which was…the beginning of July XD

Upcoming Fandubs:

-Hey! Say! Duet with Cecii
-Do it! Now with Cecii and Momo
-Mayonaka no Doa Full English
-The Manpower Neko Morning
-Jiriri Kiteru Neko Berryz
-Hey! Say! Neko 9
-Your Seed Live
-Hey! Say! BEST Medly

Hahaha busy schedule ne? XD

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