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Hi Hi everyone!! It’s Shai Shai just telling you about my latest addiction XD And it is…………………KAT-TUN!!! XD

I just can’t get enough of their songs. So far I have 3 favorite members XD

My Favorite KAT-TUN Members:

1.Akanishi Jin
2.Kamenashi Kazuya
3.Ueda Tatsuya

Jin looks extremely hot and cool in this O___________O

Kawaii!!! XD

Kame….HOT O__________O



Gomen!!!!!!!!!!!! It was Nakajima Yuto’s b-day 3 days ago and I forgot to post something for his fans T_______T I’ll post it whenever I stop getting lazy XD So lately I’ve been into KAT-TUN. I have to say Kame’s wink was hot. I didn’t see Jin’s though =( Demo it was funny when he asked for a tissue at the end ‘cauz he was sweating because of pressure from the other members XD