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These are the random things I’ve been thing about lately XD

Change of Heart: What should happen during the tournament? Should Takaki get hurt or not………..

Neko Projects: Mou……..I can’t sing Naichau Kamo X_X Demo ne…I’ll do my best! ^_^

Rising Stars: How the heck am I supposed to start my new story? O.o

Chinen Yuri: Chi is extremely cute XD

Daiki Arioka: I love his hair O.o He looked hot at the end of the Hey! Say! 7 Jeans Modeling XD

Drama: I wanna watch some drama………Any recommendations? XD

Detective Story: How would A-Class take down the Yukan Club? O.o


I found this really cute video of Reina and Junjun. Junjun is extremely cute in this XD

This time this dance challenge was from Momo-chan which i soo failed XD I didn’t know any songs but Tokaikko Junjou and All For One XD Since I recently hurt my ankle I couldn’t make up a dance like I usually do. I hurt my ankle when I was learning Seishun Bus Guide XD I was at the instrumental part and when I stuck out my hand and grabbed the air I lost my balance X_X

To make up for my ridiculous dancing, I sung XD Special guest appearances of my cat, Shilou ^_^

I found this really awesome version of Nanchatte Renai on the flute. It sounds so soothing and nice. ^_^ I wonder if someone will be able to put it on the piano as well XD

Cecii sent me a video of Yossie impersonating Ayaya XD It was extremely hilarious.

I recieved a karaoke challenge from Neko-chan. XD

I don’t like karaoke challenges XD Never did and never will! XD

Songs used:
Wakkyanai(Z) by C-ute
Star Time by Hey! Say! JUMP
Jiriri Kiteru by Berryz Koubou
Go Girl Koi no Victory by Morning Musume
Omakase Guardian by Guardian 4
Your Seed by Hey! Say! JUMP
Ultra Music Power by Hey! Say! JUMP

List of Random Things to do Today XD:

1.Record Hey! Say! for my duet with Cecii

2.Read Evernight

3.Learn Do it! Now for my group dub with Cecii and Momo

4.Learn Forever Love to cover lines for Neko Kawaii

5.Do my karoke challenge which I will probably fail at XD

6.Do my 8-9min dance challenge that Rima-chan sent me O.o I have this like…feeling people wanna kill me by making me dancing XD

7.Clean my room XD

8.Update my stories

9.Watch anime

…I think that’s basically the important things XD

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