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These are the random things I’ve been thing about lately XD

Change of Heart: What should happen during the tournament? Should Takaki get hurt or not………..

Neko Projects: Mou……..I can’t sing Naichau Kamo X_X Demo ne…I’ll do my best! ^_^

Rising Stars: How the heck am I supposed to start my new story? O.o

Chinen Yuri: Chi is extremely cute XD

Daiki Arioka: I love his hair O.o He looked hot at the end of the Hey! Say! 7 Jeans Modeling XD

Drama: I wanna watch some drama………Any recommendations? XD

Detective Story: How would A-Class take down the Yukan Club? O.o


Change of Heart

This chapter is going to be focused on the soccer tournament in which Takaki will be participating in. ^_^

The next story I’ll be updating is Detective Story! =D

Last time, Their first case in the story finished with Takaki and Inoo getting injured. Now what awaits A-Class on their new mission?

Mission: Take down……..the Yukan Club

List of Random Things to do Today XD:

1.Record Hey! Say! for my duet with Cecii

2.Read Evernight

3.Learn Do it! Now for my group dub with Cecii and Momo

4.Learn Forever Love to cover lines for Neko Kawaii

5.Do my karoke challenge which I will probably fail at XD

6.Do my 8-9min dance challenge that Rima-chan sent me O.o I have this like…feeling people wanna kill me by making me dancing XD

7.Clean my room XD

8.Update my stories

9.Watch anime

…I think that’s basically the important things XD

My 4th successful story, Change of Heart, is already up to its 29th chapter. This time this chapter is about Yaotome Hikaru and Sakamoto Rin. Here’s a little informationa bout their personalities…

Yaotome Hikaru: A smart and funny guy. He likes to create the mood in the room. The problem with Hikaru is that whenever he tries to impress a girl he always gets nervous and says the wrong thing.

Sakamoto Rin: A quiet girl who doesn’t smile. She only smiles at the sight of ice cream. She gives out a mysterious aura and loves to listen to sad songs. Most people keep a distance from her.

How they met: Rin was called out by her boyfriend to the beach on her…3rd anniversary to spend the day together. Demo…her boyfriend instead just broke up with her causing Rin to be heart-broken. Then Hikaru was passing by when he saw a crying maiden and rescued her. He offered to keep her company the whole day and that’s what he did. A lot of events happened after that.

Anyway, Chapter 29 is about what happens when  Hikaru and Rin walk home from school together. ^_^ Hikaru then brings up a memory that Rin doesn’t want to remember…her exboyfriend. Will she tell Hikaru all her feelings that day or will she keep it to herself??

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