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These are the random things I’ve been thing about lately XD

Change of Heart: What should happen during the tournament? Should Takaki get hurt or not………..

Neko Projects: Mou……..I can’t sing Naichau Kamo X_X Demo ne…I’ll do my best! ^_^

Rising Stars: How the heck am I supposed to start my new story? O.o

Chinen Yuri: Chi is extremely cute XD

Daiki Arioka: I love his hair O.o He looked hot at the end of the Hey! Say! 7 Jeans Modeling XD

Drama: I wanna watch some drama………Any recommendations? XD

Detective Story: How would A-Class take down the Yukan Club? O.o


The next story I’ll be updating is Detective Story! =D

Last time, Their first case in the story finished with Takaki and Inoo getting injured. Now what awaits A-Class on their new mission?

Mission: Take down……..the Yukan Club