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My Ideal Girl

~Trim, brown colored hair style
~Pretty, sparkling eyes that absorbs everything
~Small, flat nose
~I like girls to look feminine in clothes like a skirt and blouse
~As long as her shoes are girlish, anything’s fine

Girlfriend Requirements

~Energetic and cheerful
~Like foreign music
~Has a soft laugh
~Has a good appetite
~Has a clean feel to her
~No good with haunted houses
~Never fails to contact me everyday
~Has a great smile
~Acts spoiled
~Keeps promises

A Fun Cheerful Romance With a Girlfriend That’s Always Smiling is Ideal!

My ideal romance is spent with a girlfriend that’s always smiling, since I want to have fun and be cheerful when I’m around her. Then it’d be great if we could make each day a day full of memories together. Also I’d want to date a girl who understands that I’m not good with the haunted houses  at amusement parks. I mean if only the guy screams “Gya~!” It’ll be uncool(laughs)

I Would do These Favors for my Girlfriend

1.Spoil her everyday
2.Get her interested in foreign music
3.Devotedly keep in contact with her so she doesn’t worry
4.Constantly put a smile for her
5.Treasure our anniversary


My Ideal Girl:

~Semi-Long hair with a slight wave
~A pale face with large bright eyes is nice
~Clothes-wise anything’s fine, but clothes that are puffy and airy are nice.
~On the bottom rather than pants I like the more girlish skirt style
~For winter time, boots are cute

Girlfriend Requirements:

~Has a great smile
~Not self-centered
~Has dreams
~Good at cooking
~Likes cleanliness
~Doesn’t get tired of being together
~Only acts spoiled for me
~Cares for my dogs
~But, not a perfect person

A Girl I can Have Fun Cooking or Something Would be Nice

I can’t cook so if my girlfriend could, I’d want her to cook for me. However, I’m not a “domineering husband” type of guy. If her cooking isn’t especially great, that’s okay, because then I could help her cook and we could cook together. I’d want her to teach me how to cook. Not with only cooking, but with other things too, rather than say “I want you to do it”, I’d say “Let’s do it together.” No matter what we do, if the to of us work together, then it’ll be more fun, right?

I Would do These Special Favors for my Girlfriend

1.Shyly say kind things to her
2.Plan events to go to
3.If she catches a cold, diligently nurse her back to health
4.Call on days we can’t see each other
5.Take the lead

My Ideal Girl:

-If possible, semi-long black hair about chest length is good.
-Pretty eyes that make your heart skip a beat when you look into them
-Wears natural make-up I like natural looking girls
-I don’t like my girl to show off a lot of skin, so denim is a good style.
-For this time of the year, boots are definitely cute.

Girlfriend Requirements:

-Can cook
-Acts spoiled and lets me act spoiled
-Makes time for us to meet
-Calls me every night before going to bed
-Fun to be with
-Very possessive
-Doesn’t contact male friends often.
-Shows me her true self

The #1 Requirement is to not Hide our True Selves from Eachother:

I’m a very jealous person, so if my girlfriend was very possesive of me that would make me happy. In addition, its essential that she be herself in front of me. If the both of us don’t know what the other is truly like, then there is no point in being together. Then afterwards, when we find the truth about each other, it’d be a shock. Instead, as long as the requirement is fufilled, we can go out little by little clear ourselves with eachother’s families. Doing that, we’d sure be judged kindly!

I Would do These Special Favors for my Girlfriend:

1.Never be unfaithful
2.Go see her whenever
3.Take her places she wants to go
4.Support her during difficult times
5.Write a song just for her


I got a chihuahua. Her name is Choco. My elder sister chose the name. At the pet shop, we kept calling it “Chi” so it seems that the name came from that. She’s so cute.

^_^ It’s seems that Nakajima Yuto’s b-day is coming up soon! Too all the Nakajima Yuto fans out there I’ll be posting pictures of him on his birthday, August 10 ^_^

In my opinion, Daiki is the best dancer in BEST XD

When I heard that Ya-Ya-Yah was disbanding I was extremely sad that I wouldn’t see the four performing together anymore. I loved the different personalities in the group. My favorite was the leader, Yabu Kota. When I heard about Hey! Say! JUMP and that Yabu was in it I was extremely happy to see him aand Hikaru again. I felt bad that Taiyo left JE and Shoon became a Jr. again. I really hope Shoon debuts soon XD Anyway off to the Yabu pictures XD

Chii and Yabu love XD

Hahaha I love his face XD

Chibi Yabu!! XD ❤

Yabu maybe the oldeset and most mature member in JUMP, demo in my mind, I still see him as that energetic and kawaii boy in Ya-Ya-Yah. ^_^

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