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My Ideal Girl:

-Short, neat kinda light brownish hair
-Girlish pretty eyes are nice
-Her purse is small with just enough room for a cell phone and wallet
-She wears a jeans-type outfit I like clothes that has a cool, energetic kinda feel
-Sneakers or just any shoes that are easy to walk in are a must

Girlfriend Requirements:

-Fine even when she’s alone
-Doesn’t ask for too much
-Doesn’t stick to convention too much
-Doesn’t feel down right away
-Says things straight-forwardly

I want to mature and meet a strong, positive girl

To put it in one word, I like cool girls. Like, the type of girl that think of things positively and doesn’t lose out to depressing feelings. Also, I like girls that have a free wway of thinking without being narrow-minded and tied down by conventions. When we’re together, it’s OK if she tells me when I do something wrong, too because I’ll mature that way, but when it comes to crucial moments, I’d like her to let me lead

I would do these special favors for my girlfriend

1.Be with her as much as possible
2.Do whatever she asks
3.Cook for her
4.Take her on drives in the future
5.We’ll play the rest by ear


Lastly, I’ve been working on the filming of the “1 Pound Gospel” drama.Since playing Ryuu, I’ve continuously played cool role. But, my lines that will come out the most when I’m playing card games with Chinen. It’s then when I realize I’m such a kid(laughs)