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Oh my god…I don’t think…I can think properly right now. Chinen is so close in become #1 and Ryosuke is so close in surpassing Daiki and becoming #3 O.O

First I would like to say this is my new favorite 7 song ^_^ 脳内☆Dance. Ne. Why is called Brain Dance in english?? O.o I’m happy for Chinen. His voice finally broke in now it would sound like he’s straining his voice a lot ^_^ In this song they mention all Hey! Say! 7 members! ^_^ At the end when Ryosuke and Chi both did a blackflip I was like OMG HAWT!! This song is pretty fast ne? I wonder how it will sound like to have all the 7 members sing it XD


A present from me to all the Chinen Yuri fans out there! Remember tastes can change so don’t change yourself to be the perfect girl for Chi!

Left to right

My Ideal Girl

-Black hair about as long as Takaki-kun’s
-Cute face like Yama-chan’s
-Ideally, she’s the same height as me (Gomen I can’t read what’s in the brackets)
-I’m not really concerned about fashion, but pants are good I guess.
-Overall she gives off a girlish feel instead of a gal-ish feel.

Girlfriend Requirements:

-Can do physical activities
-Even if she can’t, she’s energetic
-Same height as me
-Has a cute personality like Yamachan’s
-Understands my job and cheers me on
-Not someone the other members know
-Can make gyouza
-Popular even in school
-Fun to be with
-Has a gentle voice

0: Maybe you need a bit more effore
1-6: We can be friends
7-8: You could be my girlfriend
9-10: We can get married!!

I want to have a Cheerful, fun time with my girl who’s like Yamachan

I would fall in love with a girl who was like Yamachan. I mean, Yamachan has a cute face and even his personality and behavior is cute. Plus, he has a nice voice, too. The sound of my girlfriend’ s voice is important to me since even when we can’t see each other I can listen to her voice over the phone and be happy. It’d be nice if a girl liek that existed. If she did, we’d be able to have a cheerful and fun time together

I would do these special favors for my girlfriend

1.Eat gyouza with her
2.Become energetic with her
3.Get good at cooking for her
4.Teach her how to do turns
5.Let her watch me grow and mature


Gomen I can’t read the bottom X_X

These are the random things I’ve been thing about lately XD

Change of Heart: What should happen during the tournament? Should Takaki get hurt or not………..

Neko Projects: Mou……..I can’t sing Naichau Kamo X_X Demo ne…I’ll do my best! ^_^

Rising Stars: How the heck am I supposed to start my new story? O.o

Chinen Yuri: Chi is extremely cute XD

Daiki Arioka: I love his hair O.o He looked hot at the end of the Hey! Say! 7 Jeans Modeling XD

Drama: I wanna watch some drama………Any recommendations? XD

Detective Story: How would A-Class take down the Yukan Club? O.o

OMG when I saw Chi and Keito I was like O.O I thought I was about to die. XD

Cecii and my duet of Hey! Say! finally came out.  I forgot to say say and I didn’t feel rerecording. I gotta say our rap was awesome XD My wows were like omg happy XD For some reason Cecii’s mic was low when I uploaded it onto youtube. O.o Its either I just randomly started to sing extremely loud or WMM is gay XD

I wouldn’t say I was actually looking for this. I just found it while I was looking at my 2nd dance challenge comments when I saw this as a related video. They all grew so much. 7 is either standing on boxes to be the same height or they just really grew. I love Chi’s hair in these pictures. I can’t believe these pictures are from this summer. It’s like 2 months when I saw them so small especially Chi, then they’re already growing so fast I can’t keep up with them. Singing mature songs and more. Demo ne. I’ll still support them even if their cute side goes away. GAMBATTE HEY SAY JUMP!

Now that we all know what happens when each couple goes home together, I will now rewrite about all 20 characters and what happens the next day. Here’s a little recap of what happened to each couple

Kuchiki Nakito & Yamada Ryosuke: Nakito was shocked that her co-enemy is walking her home. When Nakito asks Ryosuke to leave her alone she finds a little surprise. What she thought was a prank was real. As Nakito’s heart races to try to escape, Ryosuke comes to the rescue. -Chapter 20-

Yoshikawa Yui & Inoo Kei: Inoo and Yui go to a resturant to have dinner together. It was Inoo’s treat saying thank you. When a random guy asks him to play the piano, Yui is shocked to hear a song so passionately.

Eibihara Chii & Takaki Yuya: The two of them decide to go to a park. Chii trip and fell. That’s when Takaki started to care of Chii’s wound. When they  both looked at the stars one of them reminded Chii of a cat. When Takaki said he would like to be a cat Chii hugged him to see if he would turn into one like in Fruits Basket, but it didn’t work. Takaki gave Chii a piggyback ride on the way home

Hayashi Misaki & Yuri Chinen: The two of them started taking different pictures of each other. When Misaki heard yelling she broke out into a run which made Chinen concerned. Then Misaki told Chinen how her mom hates her, but he didn’t believe that.

Kitahoshi Ikumi & Arioka Daiki: Daiki and Ikumi started to open up. Daiki told Ikumi why he started talking to her in the first place. Then they almost kissed, but a cat ruined it.

Tsutanaga Yuki & Okamoto Keito: Keito revealed his feelings towards Yuki and the both of them started to go out. When they did a duet on the street people wanted to give them a tip, but they refused. Just as Keito was about to kiss Yuki, Yuki’s dad opens the door and  treats him like he’s part of the family already.

Yushiko Misaki & Yabu Kota: Misaki lives in a dangerous area. When they are surrounded by delinquents Yabu fights back. When Misaki is getting pulled away from him, he gets injured.

Hanazawa Ren & Nakajima Yuto: The two of them see some street performers and Yuto was asked to join in causing the performers to have more people watch it than usual.

Kimura Yuzuyu & Ryutaro Morimoto: The two of them climb a tree in a park. When they reach the top their bodies suddenly move on their own and kiss.

Sakamoto Rin & Yaotome Hikaru: Rin’s brother, Takashi, finds Rin and Hikaru together on some swings. The two of them start to argue and Rin is pulled away by her brother

This chapter is now going to be about getting ready for the soccer tournament that’s going to be in a week. It will also show the awkward moments between them after that night.

Change of Heart

Kitahoshi Ikumi & Arioka Daiki

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